2019,12,05-IUFRO WP 5.03.07 "Pulp and Paper" meeting: "Green Technology for Pulp, Paper and Allied Industry"

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Starts On:05,12,2019 Ends At: 07,12,2019

2019,12,05-IUFRO WP 5.03.07 "Pulp and Paper" meeting: "Green Technology for Pulp, Paper and Allied Industry"

Dhaka , Bangladesh

Website: www.iufro-wp50307.com

Contact person: Jahan, Md Sarwar

Contact Person’ Email: sarwar2065[at] hotmail.com

Conference Description: Wood and non-wood are main raw materials for paper, rayon, cellulose derivatives, biomaterials, biofuel and biochemicals, which are being used in all aspects of the human life. Recently, the developments of the wood and biofiber products have been growing with the increase of environmental concern. In this context scientists all over the world are working on to integrate pulping process with biorefinery, where all dissolved biomass will be utilized in producing biomaterials, biofuel and biochemicals. A lot of chemicals are being used in papermaking process, which are derived from fossil fuel. Scientist are also working on deriving these chemicals from dissolved biomass those will replace fossil fuel. In this conference, a lot of scientists will seat together to share their idea and make a platform to solve present crisis. The conference will be an immediate assistance to those involved in the growing of the lignocellulose products research and industry including researchers, inventors, educators, suppliers, and engineers. BCSIR Laboratories, Dhaka and IUFRO Working Party 5.03.07 ‘Pulp and Paper’ are welcoming you to participate in ‘Green Technology for Pulp and Paper Industry’ conference in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 5-7 December 2019. BCSIR is the premier platform for pulp and paper and forest products advancement in Bangladesh. “Green Technology for Pulp, Paper and Allied Industry” conference will feature a unique opportunity of learning and networking in pulp and paper sector in Bangladesh.

Organized by: IUFRO

Deadline for abstracts/proposals: 30,06,2019

Check the event website for more details.

Conference field(s): Pulp, Paper, Green Technology , Allied Industry

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